Based in the beautiful Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Chickasaw Long Distance is located in Sulphur, OK. Chickasaw Long Distance was established in 1993 after Bell and AT&T split, and equal access was proposed. Established to offer our local customers a local choice for long distance service, Chickasaw Long Distance began offering long distance service only within Chickasaw Telephone Company’s nine exchanges. Today, Chickasaw Long Distance offers 800-service, toll free service and long distance all around the state of Oklahoma.

Several years after it's beginning, a new product came to Chickasaw; internet service through BrightNet Oklahoma.  Chickasaw Long Distance and 4 other independent telecommunications providers planned to bring the information superhighway to rural Oklahoma. Starting with just a few customers in their local exchanges, it has expanded to thousands of customers statewide. Chickasaw Long Distance, through Brightnet Oklahoma, now offers dialup and high speed DSL, web page space, e-mail, and virtual domain service.


Chickasaw Long Distance is dedicated to providing you with state-of-the-art long distance and internet service, and intuitive customer service representatives to answer any questions you may have.